audrey verma

Hope & resistance in the anthropocene symposium (19 Feb 2021)

What does it mean to live, hope and resist in the anthropocene? What does environmental participation and being human entail in the ‘age of extinction’? In this symposium, we reflect on hope and resistance as a response to life and loss in the anthropocene, and ask what sustains us and what it means in practice and theory to be citizens and humans in these trying times

We invite you to join us in an event that ‘acknowledges catastrophe while imagining and enacting possibility’ (Tsing et al 2019), that looks to spaces of ecological hope and practices of environmental resistance while consciously and critically bearing witness to extractive logics, unjust systems of organisation and production, unequal experiences of loss and differing capacities to resist. Through a programme of research, stories, film and practice, we will think through the ways in which we cope, counter and confront life and loss in the anthropocene.